Home Dogs Weenie Dog Hysterically Sits Upright To Look Out Window

Weenie Dog Hysterically Sits Upright To Look Out Window


In order to gaze out the window, this tiny dachshund pretends to sit like a meerkat.

Do Miniature Dachshunds Have Back Problems?
Yes, but it’s a back problem that can be easily avoided with a few simple steps.

The miniature dachshund is famous for his long spine and shortened front legs, which come from an early breeding program to create the perfect scenthound for tracking hare across open ground. Unfortunately, this generation of breeding has left their descendants with several back problems to deal with. In particular the long narrow loins sometimes have difficulty supporting their heavy bottoms – but this isn’t an impossible hurdle to overcome! The good news is that by being vigilant about a few key factors – namely diet and exercise – you can almost guarantee your little wiener dog won’t have any back trouble at all!

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