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Mother Dog Jumps into Floodwater to Save Her Puppy

Mother Dog Jumps into Floodwater to Save Her Puppy

Today we are having a super fun day down at the lake. Well, I thought it was the lake. My dad said it was highway 7, but that sure is a lot of water for a highway!

We took my new baby, Gertrude. She had never seen the lake-highway before! In fact, now that I think of it… neither have I!

It was just a normal day at the lake, or so I thought…

All of a sudden, my new pup ran straight up into the water and got sucked right in! I definitely haven’t taught her to swim yet. What if she floats to a new home and never comes back? At least I’d be able to get some sleep, I guess.

My mom instincts have kicked in and it’s time to roll. I’ve gotta get my pup back!

I searched deep and shallow for my little one, but she was nowhere to be found. Where is my pup?

I can see a pup that looks kind of like her on the shore, but I don’t think that’s Gertrude. Gertrude is much more obnoxious than that. Perhaps she’s under this tree?

No Gertrude here, but I did find a huge snake! Time to swim the other way. If Gertrude is over there, she’s on her own. I hate snakes, they give me the woofs.

Once I see one, I just woof and woof and I can’t stop myself. Something about the way they slither gives me the creepy crawlies. I just don’t like them.

Alright, back to my search…

Aha! There she is! Gertrude has been found. Now I just need to get her to safety. I’m going to have to make my way around that nope rope though.

Once I get her by the scruff of her neck, I’m going to swim over to the shore and give her a good talking to.

I can’t believe she did that! On both of our first days at the lake-highway! It was supposed to be an enjoyable day. These pups just make life tough, but they sure are worth it.

Finally, I got some help from hoomans! You know what they say, a dog has gotta do it all. Where were they when that snake was about to eat me?

Oh well, at least they’re here now. Time to get this pup out of the water and get her all dried off. She’s going home and going straight to bed!

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