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Dying Horse Collapses And Is Moments From Being Put Down Until Miracle Saves Her


Donald and Jane own 23 shire horses on their farm in the United Kingdom. Two of the horses, a 16-year-old mare named Beatrice and an 11-year-old stallion named Beau, have been stablemates for years.

Recently, Beatrice collapsed in her stable from severe abdominal pain. The longer she was incapacitated, the greater the risk she had of dying from organ failure.

For the next six hours, Donald, Jane, and their farmworkers worked tirelessly to pull the one-ton mare to her feet using straps and machinery, but she was far too heavy.

Meanwhile, her heart rate and blood pressure continued to skyrocket.

Donald and Jane prepared themselves for the worst. They knew that putting down their beloved Beatrice was imminent.

Just 20 minutes before Beatrice was scheduled to be put down, Jane remembered Beau needed to be let out of his stall.

Jane opened Beau’s door — but rather than walk toward the yard, he went right over to Beatrice, hung his neck over the wall, and began biting her neck and using his teeth to pull up her head.

Beau was determined to save his dying friend when no one else could.

Source: LittleThings

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