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Even though they have turned him down for NINE YEARS, he never stops smiling at visitors to the shelter…

Even though they have turned him down for NINE YEARS, he never stops smiling at visitors to the shelter…

Animals are no different from humans in having a fundamental need to be loved. Tragically, some individuals fail to see this need and neglect or, worse yet, abuse their dogs…

According to the legend, when Max was around a year old, he was rescued in Georgia and transferred to a shelter in New Jersey…

The staff recognized that she had had a difficult upbringing as soon as she entered the shelter. Max had clearly been mistreated as pellets were discovered lodged in his hind legs.

The entire team wanted Max to find a home that would love him unconditionally and adopt him as quickly as possible.

But that didn’t happen, and after nine years in the shelter, the dog is still looking for a home. The rescue’s staff thinks Max’s enormous size has put people off from adopting a cat from the shelter.

Paul Barish, a volunteer with Eleventh Hour Rescue, stated, “Max is a joyful youngster who is beaming from ear to ear.”

Don’t let his bulk deceive you; despite first impressions to the contrary, Max is actually fairly mellow and empathetic. Max has always been a big dog, and his breed is commonly misinterpreted as being frigid and heartless. Around the shelter, he is known as Max the Mush.

Max weighs 90 pounds, but he frequently behaves like a playful puppy that is eager to please.

His charisma was thought to help him find a forever home by the staff at the shelter, but he was frequently passed over.

Max has been in the shelter for most part of his life, and it is beginning to negatively affect him. He only desires to be liked and have a permanent residence.

Max has handled life in the shelter exceptionally well, but spending so much time there over the years has taken a toll on him and is quite stressful for him, Paul continued.

Max is a wonderful dog who appreciates the value of love and would be a benefit to any family. The personnel have come to the consensus that Max would be happier living somewhere else than in the shelter.

According to Paul, Max would thrive in a calm, child-free household with a knowledgeable owner who could assist him in overcoming the terrible events he had at the shelter.

The best setting for Max in the house is alone himself. Max enjoys driving, running, playing, and taking long naps. His joy in life is extraordinary, and all he wants is to be able to share it with a devoted family.

We are as hopeful as the shelter that Max will find his perfect match in a forever family. She explains her background in the hope that he will find her soon…

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