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Stray Dog Wanders Onto Random Front Porch And Accidentally Finds A Forever Home


This is Sunny — a young poodle mix who recently made his own wildest dreams come true. As a lonely and scared stray dog, Sunny roamed the streets of Los Angeles, California, searching for someone to love him. He was almost out of hope when, one day, he came across a house that seemed extra welcoming.

With nothing to lose, the dog helped himself onto the and sat on the doormat. He didn’t know who the house belonged to, but something told him that he was safe with them.

“My parents told me that there was a lost dog sitting by their front door,” TikTok user @jylngvr (Jaylene Guevara) wrote in a “I told them to do whatever they can to keep him there so I [could] come help.”

As Guevara embarked on an hour-long drive to her parents’ house, the pair of Good Samaritans started gaining Sunny’s trust. Along with a cozy blanket, Guevara’s parents brought some food and water out to the pup in hopes that he would stay.

Luckily, their offerings kept Sunny around long enough for Guevara to get there. She wanted to take the dog to the vet to check for a microchip and to get him cleaned up, but first she needed to win him over, too. It took a while, but Sunny eventually realized that Guevara was there to help.

“At this point, it was around 9 [p.m.] and he finally warmed up to me,” Guevara wrote.

Guevara brought Sunny straight to the vet, where they determined that the pup wasn’t microchipped. That’s when Guevara decided to take Sunny home with her.

Guevara could tell that Sunny was in pain due to his severely matted , so she made a grooming appointment for him the next day. She knew that a haircut would make him feel better, but she didn’t expect his demeanor to change so drastically.

“He was so happy after his grooming,” Guevara wrote in the video. “He was rolling around on the grass.”

You can watch that moment here:

The poodle mix still had a long road to recovery ahead, but Guevara was determined to support him all the way through.

“[The] poor boy is so skinny, but he’s in good hands with us,” Guevara wrote. “We are going to get him back to looking and feeling like his best self.”

In an update video a few days later, Guevara shared that Sunny was already feeling better. He was still getting used to being around other dogs, whether at home with his new sister, Luna, or passing by on walks, but one thing was for certain: Sunny loved his new life.

“He’s doing really, really well,” Guevara shared in the “He’s very loving, sweet and cuddly. I love him a lot.”

Guevara also shared that, after searching everywhere, she couldn’t find any evidence that Sunny belonged to anyone. She figured she’d find a lost dog post that matched Sunny’s description, but none came up.

Guevara has since decided to keep Sunny for good and is continuing to shower him with all the love he deserves. The sweet pup might not be able to thank Guevara for saving him with words, but he shows her just how he is in other ways.

“You can tell how relieved he is to be with us!” Guevara wrote on TikTok. “He is the sweetest thing. He is so thankful and loving.”

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