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Sleepy Husky puppy, can’t wait to get home


If you have a puppy, then you know that all they want to do most of the time is getting some sleep. Well this is what this little fella wants to do. Apparently he or she is in a car ride which mommy. Looks like the ride is taking to long, and for the puppy is almost nap time. The sleepy husky puppy is trying to pull herself together and not sleep, but it is way more difficult than the sleepy husky puppy thought. The only thing keeping the puppy awake is the ride. Looks like the road is not inly straight so when the car turns a little bit around, the sleepy husky opens up the beautiful eyes.

I feel kinda sorry for the poor baby because I know that terrible feeling when you want to sleep but can’t. I mean it is not fair to stay awake when all you want to do, is get some sleep. Well I don’t know how the whole story will end up. We will never know if the sleepy puppy got to sleep, or had to waited until going home. One think I know for sure, this puppy is jut way too cute and adorable, and that red ribbon just melted my heart. This is cuteness overload people. Would you care to spread some cuteness? Then hit the share button.

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