Home HUSKY THINGS Watching these Husky puppies exploring the snow is stunning

Watching these Husky puppies exploring the snow is stunning


A Russian photographer named Fox Grom decided to do something special for everyone a couple of weeks ago. The very talented photographer wanted to present a really special set for this winter. Recently he decided to take three Husky puppies, and photograph them while exploring their “natural environment.”

He put all three Huskies in a sled, got a really warm and cozy spot for the little beautifies, and allowed them to explore whatever they liked. During the “sled ride” he took the time, and captured some of the greatest photos you will ever see.

Everything looks perfect in these pictures. These three Husky puppies are just delightful, the winter wonderland looks stunning, and these pictures are a true work of art. For all you Husky lovers these could make some really great holiday cards for your loved ones.  Please take the time and share with your friends the amazing pictures below. I strongly believe that everyone needs to see this masterpiece.

Credit: Fox Grom

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