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10 Things Huskies Don’t Like (In a parallel universe)

10 Things Huskies Don’t Like (In a parallel universe)

Things huskies don’t like, in our reality do not exist. If we were to write about a parallel universe, I would hypothesize that their favorite things would no longer be so. Maybe their favorite activities will be completely different. Most likely everything they do now will not be the same in that universe. How funny would that look? 

Husky, this special dog with endless energy tries to do everything he sees without thinking twice. Just like dogs in general, they know what they are doing and they still go for it. 

But as I mentioned above, let’s go back to the imaginary situation. It is thought that their daily madness is no longer like that, in the parallel universe. Which of the activities do you find most hilarious, compared to the actual behavior of a husky.

Do not hesitate to share your experience with us in the comments. Wishing you a nice day, let the irony begin. With hypotheses and humor, this is how this story goes.

Think as if they no longer had the passion and desire to do this things:

#1 They don’t like playing with each other, humans nor with their toys.
Things Huskies Don't Like
#Fresh water in no longer their favorite in this parallel universe.
Things Huskies Don't Like

#3 Their desire to watch birds/squirrels no longer exists

Things Huskies Don't Like

#4 They do not like extreme sports, such as climbing trees

husky in nature

#5 They are no longer curious to hear your conversations

husky listening

#6 Human food is no longer their favorite

huskies in a parallel universe

#7 They don’t love the people who care for them

huskies in a parallel universe

#8 Friendship is no longer important to them

huskies in a parallel universe

#9 Things Huskies Don’t Like

They hate sleeping. Can you believe this?

huskies in a parallel universe

10 Huskies don’t like bonding with their humans

huskies in a parallel universe

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