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Makeup artist turn herself into a husky


Have you ever been so in love with your husky dog, that you wanna turn yourself into one? Well this amazingly talented makeup artist made this happen.

We don’t know the real reason why did she do it, but all i can say is that she did such an amazing job. Her name is Ilana and she posted the makeup tutorial video on Aug 16 2015 on her Youtube channel.

Many have criticized the video calling it disturbing, creepy, or freaky. Not happy about all the negativity regarding her video Ilana has responded to all the critics. This is what she said:

“I don’t understand why people react like this… body painters painting animals all the time!,” she replied to one commenter on YouTube. “Tigers, cats, bears …. So what exactly is terrifying in this dog face paint?!”

In my opinion she is absolutely right. This is just art and people have to appreciate it for what it is!!

Source: Yahoo

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