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Meet Tally a husky dog that acts like a cat


Tally is an adopted dog that used to live with cats before her forever family got her. Since she was a little girl, she used to sleep, stand, and even play just like a cat. If you have never had a cat I can tell you that the following pictures will perfectly demonstrate a few classic cat behaviors.
Just like a little kitten, when Tally was a puppy,  she wanted to hold on to something while sleeping.


Just like every other dog, Huskies too like to play a lot. The only difference between dogs, and cats is that cats have a serious thing with boxes. I have never been able to find out why do they like boxes that much, but they do. The same thing happens with Tally. She like to play peek a boo with boxes, and she just can’t help it! 

Her obsession with boxes never faded, on the contrary, only grew stronger and stronger day after day. Playing peek a boo was an everyday game for her. Little by little she become a real expert of the game, and tried different tricks, just to amaze her family.

tallyboxolder-600x450Cats obsession with boxes is normal. Dogs obsession with boxes is a little bit too funny! I believe that Tally is way to experienced with the game, that she can easily show cats hot the box game is done.


Soon there was stair blocking from Tally. Apparently she didn’t want to go unnoticed from her family all day long.


The funniest of all these behaviors is when she sits by the window, and stares patiently at the world. Only God knows what is she thinking, or what evil plan is she plotting. If any of you has a can i am sure that this is cat’s favorite thing to do all day long.


At the end i think that it doesn’t matter if she acts like a dog, or a cat. She is an adorable creature that can only bring happiness to her family. At the end of the day her family loves her for what she is, and she looks happy just the way she is.


Source: BarkPost

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