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Flash, the rescued dog and his wonderful adoption story.


Adoption saves lives. This is the true story of Flash and his adoption process. Despite the circumstances, the universe crossed his life with the Browns. The real heroes of this story.

Contacted by the Husky 101 team, Matthew agreed to share the story with us. Thank you Matthew, firstly, for doing such an honorable gesture. Secondly, for sharing Flashes touching inspirational story with us. We totally support adoption and have a motto: Adopt an animal, save a life.

Here’s Matthews perspective:

Animal Rescue League had two huskies for adoption, listed as available two years ago. My son and I went to the shelter to meet the huskies with the hopes of bringing one home. I was intent on meeting the OTHER Siberian, but he was not there. The husky that WAS there, named “Blade”, wasn’t looking interested in us.

On the chart was written: food and toy aggressive, could not be in a household with children under 10. Hmmm ….. it just did not seem like a match, so we left . On our way out the door, I thought “Let’s at least walk him, it’ll be nice for him to get outside.” We filled out an application, after that we walked him. I could tell he was happy to be on a walk, meanwhile I called my wife to come meet him as well.

  • The day I got him from the ARL (July 7, 2018).
Adoption story of Flash

His story.

He had been surrendered once. Adopted / abused once as well. (The most recent owner was starving him, and he was removed from that home). A year and a half old, and had already been through all that! We took him home. Third time’s the charm.

  • His first day home.
Adoption story of Flash

He became the youngest member of the family.

The first few weeks he was still a bit cautious, but … Flash is not food aggressive nor toy aggressive. He is wonderful with children, and he loves going on walks.

  • Playing.
Adoption story of Flash

He loves car rides and train rides (he’s been on the bow-wow express twice), and on certain occasions he’ll snuggle.

  • Train rides!
Adoption story of Flash
Adoption story of Flash

Every once in awhile he lets us know he wants a hug. We can not imagine our lives without him. I think sometimes it’s as simple as food and love. We feed him (he’s put on twenty pounds, and maintains a healthy weight).

  • Good morning.
Flash, the rescued dog

Our Relationship

We tell him we love him throughout each day. He’s part of our family now. In conclusion, maybe they just need a chance and, of course, love.

Happy Gotcha Day, Flash! We love you.

  • Family portrait.
Flash, the rescued dog
Flash, the rescued dog
Flash, the rescued dog