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This Siberian Husky is faster than the wind


A very proud owner of a Siberian Husky decided to share with the rest of the world this video. Apparently this owner wants to show the great athletic skills his Siberian Husky has. He decide to record a video of the Siberian Husky running.  The owner was going to drive and in the meantime capture the “marathon” of his big boy. The passenger recorded the dog running on one side, and the driver on the other; while measuring the speed, and the distance his dog achieves.

During the 1 minute and 13 seconds video you can all see as  the Siberian Husky runs to achieve the 7 kilometers (4.38 miles) distance he is trained too. This video shows just a part of the whole “marathon”, but we can all judge by what we are watching that he is a real athlete. Approximately the Siberian Husky runs 30-50 km/h (18.75-31.25 m/h.) Bravo to you talented young boy. What you are doing is making your body happier than you could have ever thought!

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