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Funny Videos of Huskies playing around.


When I saw this video I had flashbacks of my Huskies puppies. They were so playful, happy all the time, hyper, and childish. Back then I didn’t think of filming them, or capturing pictures of them all the time, because Smartphones were not very popular in my country. This is what this video contains; a bunch of hilarious Huskies playing around. They are not smart, or intelligent like German Shepherds, or Labradors, but they fill our lives with a lot of positivity. They make us feel better abut ourselves because they are by our side all the time! Look at it this way, Huskies act silly all the time, and yet we love them unconditionally. So as I have told you, we all should learn some life-leassons from our dogs, and try to be happy about ourselves same as them! Now take a look at this funny video. I can’t point fingers which one I liked the most, but the first lady is super funny y’all!

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