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Siberian Husky Temperament


Siberian Husky Temperament And 5 reasons Why This Breed Is Becoming So Popular!

1. Husky owners choose this special breed for their unusual and exciting temperament. These great dogs are playful, happy-go-lucky, loving, very gentle and fond of their families. They have a keen, docile, relaxed and casual way about them. They do not bark, tend to howl and bore easily. Huskies are not good watch dogs and will be friends with almost everyone. They are most happy when around family members and are part of the group. Some temperament characteristics make the Siberian husky very popular as a family dog.

siberian husky temperament and behavior

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2. Huskies are highly intelligent and can be trained. Because of their nature, training sessions need to be short. They are strong, stubborn and mischievous but can follow instructions only if the human has a stronger will. This Russian export requires patience and consistency or he will take advantage of the situation. You must become the pack leader to have control over this breed.

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3. Huskies are great jogging companions. They do much better in cooler climates due to their under and outer coats. These dogs were developed to run and need this daily exercise or they will become bored. “This is a sled dog at heart and soul.” If a husky does not received enough mental and physical exercise, they can become very destructive. This dog is capable of eating your sofa.


4. The husky is good with other dogs if raised with them from puppy hood. They tend to be aggressive towards cats. There are some behavioral characteristics that resemble their wolf ancestors. They eat very little compared to other dogs and can run great distances with very little water and food. This toughness made them ideal sled dogs. This breed likes to run and owners should be cautious when taking the lease off as your husky can be miles away before he realizes he is lost.

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5. Siberian Huskies can make excellent companions and family dogs as long as owners fully understand the breed and are willing to do all the necessary things in order to keep their husky mentally and physically healthy. The trends suggest that more people are owning dogs and treating them like their children and family members. This breed is becoming more popular due to these unique characteristics. You can fall in love with this beautiful and exciting breed.

Husky temperament and personality with children

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