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Siberian Husky Coat Colors


According to the Siberian Husky Club of America these are the most common husky coat colors that are often faced in the Siberian Huskies.

These colors are never located finally because we have small deviations in color. Acknowledged that there can’t be two Siberian huskies totally the same. If your husky coat colors are not like one of these described below that does not mean that your dog is not a pure breed.

1. BLACK AND WHITE (Siberian Husky Coat Colors)

Jet Black
Guard coat is solid black, the individual guard hair is monochrome black from root to tip. Single white guard hairs appear occasionally. The undercoat is black or more frequently dark grey. The jet black coat is frequently accompanied by great depth of black pigment on pads and roof of mouth.

Guard hairs are banded with some amount of white near roots. Single white guard hairs appear more frequently. Undercoat may be lighter than is seen in the jet black coat while some buff-colored hairs may be found in the lower stifle and in the vicinity of the ears. The dog gives the impression of having a black and white coat but without the depth of pigmentation found in the jet black and white coat.

Dilute Black
Guard hairs are banded with the whitish cast extending substantially from the root and tipped with black. Undercoat has a whitish cast. Dog appears to be black on head and along spine while shorter guard coat along flanks produces a silver effect.

Husky coat colors
Black and White Husky


Silver Gray
Guard hair is banded with various tones of white and minimal black tipping. The undercoat is of a whitish cast. The effect produced is a silver shade of gray on head, back, and flanks, with only minimal darkening along spine.

The guard hair is banded with cream and/or buff tones near the root with black tipping. The light undercoat is toned to give the dog a yellowish-gray cast.

Wolf Gray
The guard hair is banded with buff tones near the root with black tipping. The cream tones of the undercoat combine to give the dog a brownish-gray cast.

husky coat colors
Gray Husky


The color is Always associated with liver points and complete absence of black hairs. Light, medium, and dark may be specified, determined by the amount of solid color banding on guard.

husky coat colors - red husky
Red and White Husky


The guard hair is banded with a reddish cast near the root with black tipping. Undercoat is reddish-copper. Always accompanied by black points; this color gives the dog a reddish cast and is not to be confused with wolf gray.

grey husky - grey and white husky
Sable and White Husky


The guard hair is banded with black near the root and at the tip with a yellow or beige band at the center of the hair. Undercoat is very dark. Defined as the “wild color,” it is most frequently seen in wild rodents.

Agouti Husky
Agouti Husky


The guard hair appears to be either monochrome (not banded) or banded with pale cream tinges at the root of an otherwise white hair. An occasional black guard hair may appear. The undercoat is solid white. This coat color results from either an extreme piebald factor or an extreme dilution factor and may, as a result, be accompanied by either black or liver points.

White Husky
Siberian Husky White

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