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Meet Loki the majestic, adventurous and happy Husky


Loki is a mixed Husky dog. He is a little bit of a Husky, a little bit of a Malamute, and a little bit of Arctic wolf. His owner decided to go to a trip in Colorado, North America and capture different adventurous moments with its lovely dog. He decided to share these images with the rest of the world, and what you are about to see, are some of the most beautiful pictures ever captured. Everything is perfect starting from the dog itself, the location, the lightening, the weather, just see it for yourself in the following breathtaking 10 pictures.


He is a wild dog at heart, maybe because he is a little bit Arctic Wolf in his DNA, or just because he is way to adventurous, and likes every outdoor event.

Loki with its owner

Being adventurous to Loki means enjoying every little bit of its outdoor time. Since he apparently feel in love with the snow, he needs to run just so he really feels the freedom, and the nature around him.

Loki running

Because of his complicated origin, and mixed up genes this dog breed needs a very active lifestyle in order for them to be fully healthy, and energetic. This is the reason why his owner takes him to all different activities. He keeps him busy all the time and makes him physically and emotionally happy.

Loki running free

One of his favorite activities is to chase after his daddy down the slope at full speed. These two probably have a race going on between them , and Loki doesn’t intent to lose whatsoever.

Loki racing

Because of the intense lifestyle he has, time after time he needs to slow down and breathe some fresh air at the pond.

Loki at the pond

Right now i am very jealous because this awesome Husky/Malamute/ Arctic Wolf has seen some cool nature creations I wish i could see. I mean look at this mother nature beauty!

Loki and mother nature

Over the top he is also a very social dog that can easily enjoy a campfire with friends just like cool humans do enjoy with each-other.

Loki at the campfire

He apparently lives life to the fullest. I think there is such a valuable lesson we can all learn from Loki: Nature is the most precious thing we have in life, therefore we should embrace it. I mean have you even been able to enjoy a sunset like this?

Loki and the sunset

Wouldn’t you all love to take a nap somewhere like this? Wild flowers, pine trees, blue sky, and fresh air. What else could you ask for? Well his majesty has been able to experience this, and apparently it has been such a pleasant experience.

Loki taking a nap

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