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Miley The Homeless Husky Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After


It is very sad whenever we think, or read, or watch homeless dogs, They have no home, no family, no food, and no love. Their life is so sad, and they never really now if they will get to live another better life. Same thing happened with this homeless Husky dog named Miley.

She was found in a pile of trash from animal rescuers. She used to live in the streets, and no one used to take care of her whatsoever. This is how Miley was found. The pile of trash was her home, and probably the trash deposited in there was her food.

Homeless Husky Miley

When the animal rescuers took Miley, first thing they did was cleaning her all up. Second they started nursing the poor dog. They found out that she had mange, parasites, bacterial infections and malnutrition. Therefore an intensive care was required in order for Miley to get better.

Miley Homeless husky

While Miley was getting intensive medical care, she started recuperating little by little. The animal rescuer cure started feeding her well, they offered her a nice bed to sleep, and she also had a few hours during the day to spend time with other dogs who were in the same conditions as herself. Since she was feeling grateful for the opportunities god gave her, she was spreading some love, hugging other puppies.

Miley The Homeless Husky Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After

God did not forget about Miley, therefore the light at the end of her tunnel was shining bright. An interested family to adopt a Husky dog contacted the animal rescuers. They saw Miley, fell in love with her, and decided to adopt her. They thought that she deserved a better life, and a better lifestyle. This is how they welcomed their newest family member.

After she got all the medication needed, Miley was ready for her forever family. You will not believe your eyes when you will see how different, happy and healthy Miley looks now. Finally, after all the trouble, and the suffering she gets to live her Fairytale, and her happily ever after! 

Source: BuzzFeed

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