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You have no idea how similar these 9 dog breeds are to Siberian Huskies


We all know by now that Siberian Huskies are really great dogs. They are intelligent, highly energetic, really good with people mostly with kids. Unfortunately we all know that these dogs shed a lot twice a year. They can not live in an apartment because they want a lot of space, but they also love to go out for a walk or a run. So if you have a private house with a nice backyard, then a Siberian Husky would perfectly fit in your house. But today I am not going to talk about Siberian Huskies, I want to show you 9 other dog breeds that have a lot of similarities with a Siberian Husky:

#1- Utonagan Dog. He looks a lot like an wolf, but it is the cross of the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd. It looks a lot like Husky but it’s bigger.

Utonagan Dog

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