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She was too scared to go down the stairs, so she decided to go up, but then this happened….


You guys I have to say that Husky puppies are my favorite puppies in the world. They are so cute and adorable. I mean that little tail is always up, their little ears always up, and that adorable face always covered in hair. They are so chubby and OH MY i can’t resist them at all… Well I promise you will understand what I am saying right after you are done watching the following video.

In the following video you will see a little chubby Husky puppy that wants to go down the stairs. Her mommy is waiting for her but the poor creature is a little too scared. At the beginning she decides to try and go down, and she manages to go a few steps down. But then somehow she gets scared, and decides to head back up. Right when she thinks to get back up, she slides and gets down the stairs while scrolling.

This is a really adorable, yet funny video. ALERT- nothing happened to the puppy. As you can see, once she realize that she made it at the very end of the stairs, she starts wagging her tail because he is reunited with her mommy. Share the video if you think this little puppy is just too adorable to miss.

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