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Blinded Husky teaches us a good lesson!


The story of this Husky named Macari will break your heart! He was shot from a Pellet Gun, lost sis vision, and his eyes! It is such a sad story, but I think that we can all learn a really good lesson. He is still holding on with pride, and a lot of self-confidence! Warning: these images are too distressing for some of you.

This is Macari everyone!


After he was shot, his former owners abandoned him at an animal refugee! When Vets first found him; they decided to remove his eyes though a surgery! They reported that his eyes were badly damaged from the Pullet Gun!

Blinded Macari

Macari now is getting treatments, and therapy from the local shelter! Local different rescuers are offering their help for Macari! They take him into walks, play with him, and offer him unconditional love!


“Sadly, this kind of unspeakable cruelty is all too common.” But despite the struggles, and his difficult life, Macari seems not to give up! He has a perfect attitude, he is very lovely to his fellas, and treats himself just like any other dog! Apparently being enough is a blessing enough!

Lovely Macari

Here is the latest update from Galway SPCA on Macari: He takes daily 5KM walks with his foster friends, and is now learning how to go up and down the stairs. He is very brave, and takes his challenges seriously!

Macari walking

He is a calm spirit, likes to relax, and do his thing! Those who take care of him say that nothing can hold him down. He tries to live like at the fullest, and shows his best side in everything! He deeply believes that he is lucky enough to have food, a shelter, and kind people that take care of him. Everyone that wants to contribute to Macari’s recovery can go to the official website of GalwaySPCA.

Macari chilling



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