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Abandoned Husky mother and her baby girl saved


Marti and Tsetso were heading home after a holiday weekend. When they were driving on a busy highway in Bulgaria, they saw a puppy that was sitting on the side of the road. They decided to check the lonely puppy, and see how they could help her! When they approached they saw that the little puppy was not alone! The boys thought that the older Husky dog standing next to the puppy, was her mother! They stopped the car, and explained that both dogs were sitting calmly, waiting for a miracle to save them!

Leaving them alone in the middle of nowhere was not an option for these gentleman’s, so they decided to rescue the abandoned little family! They described they the dogs were not afraid of them, on the contrary, they were friendly! Something had happened to them , and they both were injured. The mother was injured to most, and could barely hold!

Abandoned Husky mother and her baby girl saved

Going to the Vet was their next destination, because they wanted to offer the abandoned Husky mother, and her baby girl medical treatment! The mother was very skinny, and they both looked malnourished!

After checking them the Vet told the boys that both of them, probably had a home before! They were very social with the Vet, friendly with the boys, and behaved properly. Probably something happened to their owner, or they were abandoned for no reason!

Abandoned Husky mother and her baby girl saved

After getting the needed medical treatment, the little family started getting better! They ate checked up food, with a lot of nutritions, and protein! After e few weeks the Husky mother gained a couple of pounds, and her baby looked happy!

Here’s what her pup looked like after a few weeks

Little by little, their coat started growing all healthy, and beautiful, and the Husky mother looked more beautiful than ever! Her Transformation is incredible, and she looks more beautiful than ever! They named the Husky mother Siberia, while her puppy Alaska!

Now the dogs live in Germany with their forever families, happily as they could be! Thank you Marti and Tsetso for everything!

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