Animals, especially pets give meaning to our lives and change it forever. The bond created between us is evident in every aspect of our lives. I have grown up with animals all my life and I understand the importance of human-animal relationship.

Love your pet without apologizing for your feelings, and at the same time strengthen your bond.

Here are 7 things husky owners do that should not apologize for.

#1 You have dog toys all over the house.

There is nothing to apologize for in such a situation. Toys are a fun element for your puppy. Let them have fun and do not feel bad about their toys around the house.

Things Husky Owners Do

#2 You call your husky Family.

He is our family, and this is a very normal thing to do. My dog is present in every moment of my life, more than any person I know. Therefore, the status of a family member is well deserved, so do not apologize for this.

Things Husky Owners Do

#3 You’d better stay with the dog than go out.

I do this many times during the week. Why? Because for me the happiness of my husky is more important. I can not go out with my friends / family knowing that he will be bored alone at home.

Things Husky Owners Do

#4 Referring yourself as parents.

Things Husky Owners Do

I am the parent of my pets. I do everything for them, exactly everything my mom did for me. So I am their parent, like it or not.

Things Husky Owners Do

#5 Your Husky uses your furniture.

Why should I apologize for such a thing? The furniture is mine, bought with my salary, placed in my house. If we do not use them (me and my animals) for whom will I save them? I’m not sorry at all.

Things Husky Owners Do

#6 You put your husky first.

My Husky and his companions (other animals I have) are my priority. Every activity I will perform focuses on my animals. Once their needs are met (exercises, enough time with me, food, medical check-ups, etc.) organize personal activities. They are my love and my first choice when it comes to priority.

husky parents

#7 You show the love you have for your husky.

The most natural thing I can do is express my love for my four-legged companions. I never apologize for showing how much I love my husky. Neither do you.

husky parents


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