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When Husky puppies play in the snow for the first time


Watching a bunch of Husky puppies playing in the snow for the first time is the most adorable thing you will see today. FYI they have no idea what SNOW is, but they are playing because they like the white color all over the place.

You can see all of them getting all over the place during the following video. They get a “play partner” and start having the time of their life. They either start chasing each-other all over the place, or they start teasing one another while being the cutest creatures in the world. The little chubby heavenly creatures were born for a snowy weather, therefore they do not mind the cold upon their feet or body. If you have a Husky then you already know that this is the best environment for them to live on.

When their family took them outside in the snow they had no idea that the little puppies would get so playful. Even the most chubby ones are having a great time. Even though they are a little too fat to run around like some of the puppies, still they are getting entertained in the outside. It is extremely cute watching some of these puppies sliding in the snow. No matter how hard they try to stay still, it is a little bit difficult to keep the balance. I hope you guys enjoy the video, and I truly hope these Husky puppies put a big smile on your faces. They surely did put a big smile on my face. 🙂

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