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Husky Wants To Play With All The Rats At The Pets Store


This Siberian Husky is always trying to make new friends. And since he is super friendly with everyone, he tried to become play buddy with the rats at a pet store.

Although Huskies are know for being smart and sociable. This Husky just raised the bar of how friendly Huskies can really be. As his owner said he is very docile and would not even hurt a fly. He also loves to play with the other animals. He has a horse and a ferret friend.

And from what we can tell from the video he is trying really hurt to win the rats over. Smiling and moving his tail around all the time. You can tell how excited he is from miles away. Although the rats from the other part look confused. A moment they approach him from the other side of the glass and the other they go running inside their plastic caves.

Well either way it is very entertaining watching the video, and we do hope that soon enough he will win the rat over.

Husky Wants To Play With All The Rats

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