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Things to Know Before Adopting a Husky Dog


The dog of the north, Siberian Husky is originally bred by the nomadic of the Chukchi Tribe from Siberia. This breed of dog is tough, sturdy and is available in medium to large size and can survive on a very little food. Known for the gentle nature, Siberian Huskies all want is unconditional love.

This breed has the ability to fascinate the hearts of many with its attractive eyes and affection which is available for everyone, making this breed as an animated canine companion. However, this breed of dogs needs to be considered in terms of its requirements and precautions for a successful ownership. Things to Know Before Adopting a Husky Dog.

1. Can I play with a disc in the park along with my Siberian Husky?

Absolutely NOT, due to the fact that Siberian husky will not take any time to escape from the place. You can do that only if you are sure that your dog will not leave you and he will came back. Siberian husky is an unreliable breed and will not even listen when it comes to having an escapade. So, be alert or else you will have a risk of losing your dog.

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2. What is required for fencing my yard for my Siberian dog?

Houdini Lives, as we all know that Siberian huskies possess a talent of escaping. So, the yards need to be securely fenced with a height of at least six feet or else these active dogs have a habit of jumping and running away. Even if you have fenced your yards, then too take care of not leaving this dog for long hours in the yards as the breed is quite intelligent to make its way.

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3. Do Siberians dig holes and shed? Yes. Thumbs up! They dig holes and then leave it, destroying your courtyard.

How to Minimize Shedding in Siberian Huskies 2

4. Is this breed is a high energy one?

Actually yes, but if, you find that your dog is not in its normal condition, then there is a sign of risk for you as a Siberian husky has to do something or the other, in order to keep itself indulged in some activity.Husky high energy

5. Will my Siberian listen to me?

Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no, because this dog works with its own will. However, to have this dog in your house you need to have leadership quality in you so that you can train it well.

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6. Will my Siberian get along with other dogs or my other pets like rabbit, cats etc?

Siberian Huskies have a high predatory instinct for cats, birds, rabbits and other smaller animals. However, in some cases where Siberian is trained with a cat, the owner seems to have success in their integration. Nevertheless, a Siberian cannot be trusted.

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7. Will my kids be safe with a Siberian?

A big YES! Siberians are very loving and affectionate with children. However, this breed of dogs, also like other needs to be taught how to be with children and humans.siberian husky and baby

8. Is Siberian a good watchdog? No, not at all! Siberians are very social and outgoing.

9. What are the eating habits of Siberians?

Siberians are easy to keep and do not need much food, as this breed has been bred for sprint-racing and traveling long distances, so they have a habit of having little food and revive their hyper activeness.

Husky Food

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