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The priceless face of an annoyed Siberian Husky


This dog owner decided to play a fake game with Anuko, his Husky dog.. He reported that he pretended to throw the ball for his Siberian Husky, and captured the face expressions of his beloved big boy. Look at his reaction in the following pictures!

Anuko the husky dog

His owner claims that he has a very serious face expression, but he is not serious in real life.”The amazing Anuko was born with that serious look; he is a little over a year old. The look he has on his face always indicates that he is grumpy, but he isn’t, he is a furry, happy dog! He is so adorable, I want ten of him!”

Anuko the husky

Those who have a Siberian Husky, or ever meet one, surely know that Siberian Huskies are such an energetic dog breed. They are very enthusiastic, playful, and full of energy. You have to spend a lot of time playing with them, if you want them to live happy and healthy.


The 18-year old Jasmine Milton (the owner of Anuko) says that she first got Anuko right after she was treated with depression. Ever since Anuko has been the reason of her smile. She makes her happier, and feels her life with a lot of beautiful memories. She says that she is grateful for Anuko, and according to her, anyone who has a dog lives a better, healthier, stress-free life!

Anuko the husky dog is so angry

Even though his owner says that he is not serious, I think he took the game very seriously. Just his face expression speaks about the way he was handling the ball game. Thank you very much Jasmine for sharing this beautiful Siberian Husky, and his special not-grumpy baby. We are pleased to hear that he changed your life for better, and wish you too a beautiful life together as a beautiful small family!

Anuko the husky dog is so angry with his owner for pretending to throw the ball

Source: PetsFans

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