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Siberian Husky engagement


Siberian Huskies like being with people and they also need something to do, huskies also are very energetic and affectionate. Siberian huskies need something to do during the day, otherwise they will get into different kinds of trouble. When bored or lonely, a husky will figure out her own activities, which may lead to property damage or escape expeditions.

Many owners love that their dogs to work for all of their food, this is also a good way to exercise your dog and also is a good way for your Siberian husky to spend his energy.

Huskies need daily exercise, so they can spend their unique energy, if you don’t have a large yard where your dog can play and run, you should take your dog out for walking or jogging everyday.

Do not get a Siberian husky, unless you have a lot of free time to spend with your dog. If you work for long hours and you don’t find time for your dog, consider dog daycare or hiring a dog walker.

Siberian huskies love when there are many interesting activities throughout the day and frequent human supervision.

Siberian Husky engagement



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