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Siberian huskie’s energy


Here we present you some information about the Siberian huskies energy:

Siberian huskies are rated as highly energetic dogs. They are intelligent, athletic, and were bred to pull sleds for extremely long distances, in the extremely cold temperatures.

Siberian huskies are born to run and spend their high energy, so be be prepared to provide a Husky with a lot of mental and physical exercise, a young Siberian husky needs activity almost all day.

All dogs from all breads love to play and spend energy especially when they are puppies, but no all dogs from other breads can keep up with a Siberian huskies.

Is your duty as a owner to provide your Siberian husky exercise during the day, if your Siberian husky gets bored then he can become unhappy and will likely escape, or he might chew toys.

Siberian huskies like having company and activity all day long, if you have other dog then your Siberian husky can keep himself occupied, but if you don’t have other dog and you are busy and at work for most of the day then the Siberian husky is not the right bread for you.

Siberian huskies energy



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