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Puppy knows no boundaries, plays with mother’s tail at convenient time


Puppy knows no boundaries but keeps provoking his mother while she is feeding his siblings. This little one is so focused on his personal pleasure, forgetting the anxiety he is creating for his family. Games are really fun when the participants are all engaged, and give all their energy. In this case this is missing. The game is played with one player (a stubborn puppy), who is taking advantage of his mother.

Family is the institution where anything can happen, yet love will never end. In this video you will see a new husky family, which consists of a mother and her children.

Puppy knows no boundaries but continues to play relentlessly.

The mother is feeding her young, but apparently not everyone wants to be fed. There are those who want to play, and above all want to play with her tail. It is not right at all.

On one hand she has to stay in place because the puppies are being fed. On the other hand, she wants to leave because her little one does not understand the situation and wants to play. But enough is enough. At one point the mother can not stand her little one’s behavior and leaves the scene pissed off.


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