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Meet Mya, The Cutest Pomeranian-Husky Mix That Looks Just Like A Little Fox


This adorable dog is currently stealing the hearts of people online and it’s easy to see why. You only need to take one look at her to find yourself totally captivated by her charm.

At first look, you may be left believing this beautiful creature is a fox, think again — and, nope, she’s not a fire-type Pokémon. She’s actually a Pomsky, Called Mya, and she might just be the cutest dog we’ve ever come across. With her rusty red color fur, upright triangular ears, and fierce blue eyes, it’s only reasonable to mistake Mya for a fox.

If you’re still wondering what a Pomsky is, it’s a cross between a Pomeranian and a Husky, and while it might not be able to pull a snow sled, Mya can certainly pull in the crowds. She looks effortlessly elegant and her gaze is straight-up hypnotizing.

Cutest Pomeranian-Husky

Mya lives with her human Dave Lasio in South Florida, but only when she’s not traveling around the various states of America. You can follow her adventures on Instagram.

Cutest Pomeranian-Husky

Mya the Pomsky is living proof that this adorable breed makes the cutest pet. Cute, playful, and suitable for apartment life, you’ll never get bored with their company. Plus, you’ll get to have warm cuddles with a fierce-looking yet affable companion.

Take a peek at some of Mya’s adventures and let her loveliness and silliness make your day brighter.

Cutest Pomeranian-Husky
Cutest Pomeranian-Husky
Cutest Pomeranian-Husky
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