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Husky refuses to get out of the bathtub because he has something in mind


While bath time is the worst nightmare for most pets, there are some that truly enjoy it. If you have a pet that is part of the latter, then allow me to tell you that you are one lucky human trust me. Well even though your pet might not mind the bath time that much, there are some pets that would do anything to take baths all day long. Recently I have come across to a few dogs that love to take batch, but never have I ever seen something like what I am about to show you.

The Husky dog you will see in the video below is named Zeus. He is a big time lover of bubble baths and warm waters more than you and I will ever be. The video you will watch below was shot by Zeus mommy as you can understand, and it is the best footage to show the world that not all dogs hate baths. Well I would have never thought that any dog would love baths up to this level, but this world is strange and the universe works in such mysterious ways. With all that being said I would advice you guys to never say never because you never know what’s out there.

For example I thought that all dogs love these three things the most: long walks, yummy treats, and their hooman in that order. But now I see that some dogs, like Zeus here, love these three things the most: baths, bathtub and bathtub. It is a weird world isn’t it? Enjoy the video…

Source: Boredpanda

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