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Husky Puppies Fighting Over Toy, Mama Husky Takes Toy Away


Husky Puppies Fighting Over Toy is an adorable video to watch. Do you know the difference between an adult and a toddler? Their energy. Toddlers of humans or animals have an inexhaustible source of energy, which adults lack. A year ago as I saw my nephew visiting every room of the house without getting tired.

Sometimes people just want to be alone. Apparently this Husky mom feels the same. She is either sad, or just tired! Her puppies want to play. They feel all energetic, happy, and ready to play. Probably they can’t understand that that their games are noisy and full of activity. Their mother has to put order between them in order to get used to the toys and share them with each other. Life is complicated for her, while she needs a break from her Puppies. We have all experienced that feeling; when being left alone for a while is the best thing possible! 

Husky Puppies Fighting Over Toy

Husky Puppies Fighting Over Toy

Below the video there are so many positive comments, which I wanted to share with you. Here is what some of them say:
-The mom was like, “If you can’t share, you can’t have the toy at all!”
-I love husky puppies with angry markings in their face. They look so serious!
– “If you two can’t share it … then nobody get to play with it! You’re grounded …”



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