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Husky and baby messing with a quilt


These two are partners in crime thats for sure. If they want to mess around the house, they make sure to become partners in everything. If you have a dog and a little baby then you experience many situations like the one in this video.

If you think that a dog is hard to handle, then try to have a dog, and a little baby. They will do whatever they please to do, and most of the time they will never pay attention to what you are saying. You just have to be patient with your little babies, try to make them understand when they do something right or wrong, but never be harsh with them.

That is totally wrong. Take a look at this video for example. These two are trying to destroy the quilt, and the only thing their mama does, is recording this beautiful video. She wants to share with the rest of the world how prod she is of her babies, and how cute these two are.

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