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You will never believe who recorded the most important day of this couple…


We all know that the wedding day is the most beautiful day for some. Different people have different ideas about their special day, and this couple had some really cool/special ideas. First they decided to have a Winter Wonderland Wedding. You can see snow everywhere. Everything is so beautiful and peaceful, and this is the perfect wedding setting for this couple. Second they “hired” the most talented girl in the world to record their special day: their Husky dog Ryder.
Ryder starts the recording since the moment she opens up her eyes. We can all see that the first thing she sees in the morning, is her beloved bride-to-be mommy. Then she goes everywhere exploring around the house and not only. The most special thing about this video, is the fact that everything is seen through the eyes of their precious girl. The most precious memory of their wedding, has been captured from their dog’s point of view. And I have to admit that this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This is proof that people do count on their pets, as if they were real family members.

It is really special to see a wedding from a dog’s perspective. What I most appreciate about this video, is the fact that Ryder is there for her parents when they most need her. She is the most important thing in their lives, and vice versa. If you already have a loving dog, and you want to have a special/unique memory from the most important day of your life, then consider going this:

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