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7 Delightful pictures of Pomskies (Husky+Pomeranian)


Have you ever heard of Pomskies? Well if you haven’t then you are about to find our one of the cutest mutts out there. This mixed dog comes from Huskies + Pomeranian dog breeds. Sometimes the mixed dog looks more like Pomeranian with some Husky features, or the opposite. In the gallery below you will see how adorable, delightful and cute Pomskies can be.

1- Chubby, fluffy, and so beautiful. Can I have one please? 


2- I had no idea Pomskies could look so adorable, but one thing I know for sure, they are a true blessing to their owner. 


3- This chubby puppy looks more like a Husky, but his head shape is just way too rounded, just like a Pomeranian. Don’t you guys think the same? 


4- How can we call this chubby delight? I would prefer to go with “divine creature of mother nature.”


5- Isn’t he just one beautiful piece of art? Those colors, that fluffy hair, and those eyes are to die for. How come I have never seen Pomskies before you guys? 


6- Hellow little fellas. Tell me how do you manage to be so cute? Is there any magic trick I could use too, or is it just by nature? 


7- Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the chubbiest of ’em all? 


Source: RantPets

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