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Homeless Husky would not be alive today if this foster family did not take care of her


Unfortunately there are many homeless dogs wandering around the streets nowadays, but day after day people are getting more and more involved into the process of helping those less fortunate. So fortunately when they saw a homeless Husky, Sugar, dog wandering up and down the streets for god knows how long, they decided to help him. The poor pup was rescued by Sacramento, California’s Front Street Animal Shelter. When they found the poor dog the rescuers said that she was scared, hungry, filthy, and sick beyond belief. But with just a little love and dedication, she started transforming…

This is how Sugar first looked when they took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter. You can see that she looks lifeless, powerless, and in a really bad health condition.


Soon after getting rescued, a foster family stepped in to help this poor creature heal. The family who decided to foster Sugar, had also adopted Piel, a happy-go-lucky Chihuahua recovering from burns. Piel is such a great friend, and she never leaves her side because she knows that Sugar is not able to take care of herself.


Sugar is getting all the treatments she need to take in order to recover. She is also taking daily medicated baths to treat her seriously injured skin. The process is not easy, but it is not impossible.


In just a little bit, she was getting stronger and stronger. During Christmas Sugar loved to spend time with her foster family because they all loved her s very much.


Now she looks way better. Her skin has started healing. Her hair is growing back again, and she has started gaining a few pounds. She has a lot to go still, but the worst part is overcome now. Thank you to everyone who participated in rescuing Sugar. We all hope her the best of luck!


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