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6 Best Ways to Train Your Siberian Husky


It is certainly true that Siberian Husky training can be hard, but that does not mean that working with Huskies is impossible. It simply means that Huskies are too smart and do not subject as quick as other breeds. With the right patience you can gain a wonderful companion at the end of the process.

6 Best Ways to Train Your Siberian Husky

#1 Husky are very energetic as dogs, and maybe even taking them for a run wan’t do the trick. A good idea is to try biking. Be sure to introduce him slowly first since some dogs get agitated when they see wheels. Than all is left to do is hook him up to your bike and start riding it slowly and increasing the speed gently. Never try to hold the leash as you hold the handlebars cause you will just put your self up to failure.

#2 Huskies are pack oriented dogs, and if you are not the dominant one they will take charge. In order to establish dominance you should always walk first and let him follow and be sure to be consistent with his training. Also when you arrive home do not rush to find him, give it time, and he eventually will come to you.

#3 Crate training is a must when it comes to Huskies. They tend to be very destructive when left home alone. Firstly start with a few minutes than let him out and reward. Keep increasing the minutes each time you repeat this throw out the day. And as you do so, go to another room or outside the house and close the door. This way he gets used to be in it when you are not home. And remember to never ever use the crate as punishment.

#4 Mushing-did you knew that your Husky can pull you on basically anything, from a plastic skid to skateboard and etc. Just make sure to use an X-back harness and you’ll be good. Remember to be consistent with the basic commands such as hike meaning start, easy meaning slow down, gee for right, haw for left and so on. Always direct him threw cause it puts stress on your Husky when he has to make this kind of decisions on his own.

#5 Recalling your Huskies is quite a challenge. They tend to run forward but hardly do they obey a return call when they are inclined to do so. While training him use a long line and keep in mind that Huskies get bored pretty quickly so switch things up once in a while to keep it interesting.

#6 Since Huskies are highly energetic as a breed they love digging as a form of releasing some energy. Try shoving his poop in their hole. you will notice that he will return to the hole but will not have the instinct to dig it. More likely seeing him start digging a new hole from the scratch. So again all you are left to do is continue the process until you can break that habit of his. Or another way to go is to just let him dig and burn those extra energy.

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