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5 Easy steps to help you keep your Husky dog Clean


Since Husky dogs grow big, have a thick coat, and long hair, it is sometimes difficult to clean them. Husky owners have to take proper care for their pets, in order to keep them healthy. New owners do not have a routine how to keep Huskies clean, and that would be a problem. Because of hygiene, your dog can get sick or any infection. Here we have listed 5 easy steps to follow on how to keep your Husky dog Clean!

#1- Bathing:

Husky dogs have a protective oil in their skin that helps them to maintain body balance, and this is the reason why it is advised for Husky owners to give their dogs a waterless bath. The waterless bath involves a hard brush for their hair and shampoo. This type of water-free bath would help you keep your dog clean, and you should turn this bath in a routine for every week. When your pet gets extremely dirty, I think it is necessary for them to have a full bath.

Husky Shower - keep your Husky dog Clean

#2- Hair Brushing:

Some people do not know but it is extremely important that all you Husky owners should brush your pets’ hair at least once a day. It is not recommended that you cut your dog’s hair, because it is hard for the dog to regulate their body temperature in winter time, or to get protected from the sunburn during summer. There are certain seasons when all you owners will need to brush your dog’s twice or more times during a day in order for them to have a healthier skin.

the best brush for a husky - keep your Husky dog Clean

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Husky Shedding

#3- Brushing their teeth:

Just like humans, dogs need to have their teeth clean to be healthier. With dogs teeth brushing should became a routine from the moment you have a dog. It is recommended that you use special toothbrushes and toothpastes designed for dogs. This way your dog will get used to this routines, and it will be much easier for you as owners to brush your Huskies teeth. It is optional that you can also use dental chews. If you neglect doing this than plaque will built in its mouth, then it will be very difficult to get rid of it also it can cause periodontal diseases!

Brushing Husky teeth
Keep your Husky dog Clean

Brushing Husky Teeth

#4- Nail Clipping:

It might sound a little bit weird but clipping the nails from the feet of your dog is profoundly important. You should know that long nails might lead to serious foot problem, and you do not want that to happen. It is advised to cut the nails of your Huskies feet every month, and do not cut them too short otherwise you will hurt your dogs’ paw and it will bleed.

Image SourceKeep your Husky dog Clean - How To Cut Dog Nails?

Dog Nail Anatomy

#5- Other:

Other than everything said above there are some additional cleaning care tips. Do not forget to wipe out your dog’s ears every week, wipe your dog’s eyes immediately if you see any discharge. Furthermore make sure to keep their paws properly clean every day just to make sure that nothing is stuck in their paws because that would be harmful, and even painful for the dog! And these are some easy steps how to take care of your dog’s properly, do not forget that they are your best friends more than your pets so make sure to make their life more comfortable and beautiful! Stay updated for more important tips about a healthy life for your Huskies.

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