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15 Huskies sleeping in the most funny positions!


Have you ever laughed out loud with your dogs sleeping position? Well, I have. There are some specific cases when our silly Huskies sleep in the weirdest most ridiculous sleeping position!

Here I will demonstrate 15 Huskies sleeping in funny, not comfortable, and totally weird position! I think as for myself; I sure as hell would not feel comfortable, but apparently they are all relaxed, which is a great thing!

1- This beautiful Husky, all serious, is falling in love with its daddy’s office chair! Probably he is thinking to use it as a nap bed from now on!

sleeping positions

2- The clothes basket is apparently more comfortable for this big boy here. Sleeping in his bad is probably too boring for him!

Don't just lie in the bed, be the bed

3- This little Puppy Husky is feeling all comfortable at his mommy’s lap. I see no reason whatsoever for him/her to go and sleep in his/her bed right?

As long as you're comfortable, buddy

4- For us, napping at the couch is far too comfortable! I never would have imagined that it would be the same for Huskies!

Awww, synchronised awkward sleeping

5- I can’t even understand how is this big boy sleeping. No position recognized!

I wonder what he's dreaming about… Either dancing or doing the back-stroke

6- All this chubby puppy wants is to get some sleep! It doesn’t matter where or how!

How do they not have a permanent crick in their necks

7- How smart is this Husky? He is sleeping, but made sure to have one hell of a comfortable space! Bravo to you smart buddy!

Okay, this one does look pretty comfy

8- Can you even blame this cutie? He just thought to take a break, but couldn’t stand on his feet, so a nap sounded better to him!

It's all about trial and error

9- Apparently he didn’t want to see that embarrassing kissing-moment from the movie, and he fall asleep instead!

The classy ones always throw in a toe point

10- Cold is apparently not an issue for this big boy. He is the bravest ever, or he just doesn’t care about the snow. He is just sleeping, and that’s al that matters to him!

alaskan malamute Excellent camouflage

11- He wants to sleep, but also hide at the same time. No one has to know where he is chillaxing, otherwise they will wake him up!

Most people find spare change down the back of the sofa

12- Da whole crew is gathered, not to prevent the owners from leaving the house, they just want to do everything together. I doesn’t matter where or how, they are way to happy with their nap!

This is how they stop their humans leaving

13- On the middle of the walk, this dude right here decided to take a little break! He has his own rights right?

Quick call the AA

14- “Ehhh whatever. This sleeping position is not the most comfortable, but I am enjoying every second of it!”

To be fair, we did say no paws on the couch

15- Much better, get some neck support you crazy pooches!

Much better, get some neck support you crazy pooches

Source: HoliDogTimes



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