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10 Tips for owing a Husky dog


#1- Siberian Huskies are very playful and loving dogs moreover can be claimed as one of the gentlest breeds. To describe this breed in a few words, it can be alluring, tough, strong and noble. Another important thing which makes this breed stand out is that the dogs of this breed are particular about their cleanliness. These dogs are intelligent and willful, however with all their traits there are some important things that you need to know before owing one. Undoubtedly, Siberian Husky is an amazing breed, different from any other breed of dog. Moreover, if you have decided to own this breed of dog, then continue to read as here below the traits and tips of this dog is mentioned in detail.
Husky Jumping on the Snow

#2- Do not go on its face value as this gentle looking dog will surprise you many a time. The first and the foremost thing that the owner of a Siberian Husky needs to be active as it will make you to be on your toes. The dog loves to be in the nature but here you need to have a dead setting as this dog will try to escape from the fences and in order to cease it to happen, an owner needs to have a good breeder. And, of course the owner needs to take care of the precaution or else can have the risk of losing his new dog.

Siberian Husky in snow

#3- This high energy dog possesses a constant need to be active. Remember, if the dogs of this breed are slow, lazy and lethargic then just make sure of your household stuff as they are prone to rowdiness, chewing and biting at home.

Siberian Husky running
#4- For this cold weather breed of dog and of course his playful nature, make sure that they are kept on a leash when in the open field. So, when in an open area, you need to keep an eye on them or else they will not take a second in escaping away from the place.  Husky in Natural habitat

#5- This breed of dogs requires extra dose of training, so when taming them, you need to invest extra time and patience. Certainly, this breed is an intelligent one but works according to its will, so the dogs of this breed will not always please you.Siberian Husky Training
#6- No matter how much affectionate and loving this dog will be, but falls short when it comes to guarding. These dogs will be sweet not to you only but also to the strangers. So, if you are looking for a watchdog, better go for a different breed.Husky Family#7- On the flip side, if you want a dog that will not make your much time indulged being brushed, then Siberian Husky is for you. This breed of dogs is particular in their cleanliness and with Huskies you need not have to take time from your busy schedule to brush them, but rarely can brush their bodies, like twice a year when they shed heavily.

grooming and caring for a husky

#8- Before bringing Huskies in your home, you need to make sure about the weather conditions as these Huskies are cold weather mammals. If not taken care of the weather, it can become dangerous for them.

Image SourceHusky in the fridge

#9- You need to possess the leadership quality in you as these huskies are bred to live with a leader or else your dog will take over during training and taming classes. Before planning to own this breed also make sure that you don’t have other small pets like cats, birds and rabbits as huskies have strong predatory instincts which can be dangerous for the latter. Due to their high energy, you may think that they need a wholesome meal, but it’s not like that Appetite with huskies as with very little food they can make their living.Husky want to play with a Sleepy Cat

#10- Owning Siberian Huskies just require patience and stamina and this lovable dog is yours for a long span of time as their lifespan stretches to 16 or more years. Just invest in right amount of training with low maintenance cost and this lovable dog will be a great companion but not a great watchdog!

Image SourceHusky dogs need much worth than other. They have a long life
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