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10 Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Husky Lover Friends


If you happen to have a friend that goes crazy for Huskies, one that is totally devoted to Huskies and only Huskies then this list will come in handy.

How can blame them for going crazy on Huskies… they are fluffy, beautiful, smart, friendly and so on. If a birthday or certain holiday is coming up and you need help to make up your mind here are 10 gift ideas that any Husky lover would be more then happy to receive.

#1 Siberian Husky Infinity Scarf is is stylish, soft and keeps you warm on those cold winter days.

#2 Hipster Husky Throw Pillow! This is genius… A printed Husky face with cool pink glasses on a pillow case. They can use it as decor, give it to their Husky for extra comfort or even give a little style and color to their room.

#3 Husky Face Sweater. Does your friend love his pup so much that can not even leave the house without him. Than this sweater might be the perfect solution. He/she will have their pooch all the time with them even when he is not physically present.

#4 Canned Husky… This gift is greater than it sounds. Especially the kids would be thrilled to receive this kind of gift. All they do is open the can and the stuffed Husky will come right out and ready to play. Will be just like magic.

#5  Sterling Silver Leaping Husky Necklace! This is the perfect gift for a special lady friend. The necklace will show her love for dogs but the model keeps it elegant and chic at the same time.

#6 Men’s V-Neck Silhouette T-Shirt. This one is perfect to pair with a pair of jeans and your are ready to go. Is simple but also leaves you with the feeling of being well dressed.

#7 Unisex Tank Top. This one is so cute with the printed Husky coming out of the pocket on the left side. One can use it outside, for a good run or even sleep with it.

#8 Husky Glass. What a great idea! A glass of water with a Husky face on it. You also have the option to choose a handled one for those beer lovers.

#9 Argyle Socks. This ones are so funny looking with the Husky figures all over them. And are perfect for all age groups.

#10 Wall Clock! For the friend that is into home decor as much as he/she loves Huskies, there is no better gift than this wall clock.

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