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A Sweet Golden Retriever Puppy That Is Ill And Finds It Difficult To Breathe Decides To Wear A Mask For His Friends!


As he drove past the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery, Samuel Flores spotted a Great Pyrenees sitting by itself, looking sad.

He felt compelled to see how the dog was doing and checked on him, only to be appalled by what he saw. The sad animal was really guarding the body of another dog that had been killed when a car drove over him.

Dog wouldn’t budge from dead friend’s side when animal rescuers Jessy and Julie Fennell came. He instead pleaded with the rescuers to bring his friend back to life.

A stress drooler, he would moan and lick the wounds on the dead body. To “keep her safe,” the dog had obviously pulled his dead friend’s body off the street and onto the grass.

The rescuers were successful in convincing the dog to join them, and they disposed of the animal’s body with dignity.

Three-year-old Brian was identified as the lone survivor, but his lifetime best buddy and bonded companion Marley was found dead.

Marley, who was only a year old, died after his two dogs escaped the house via an open garage door, according to their owner.

Brian’s unwavering commitment to Marley has stunned the entire neighborhood. It’s a powerful reminder of the unconditional love and service that dogs are capable of providing.

Brian is struggling to accept his loss at the moment, but his loved ones are doing what they can to comfort him. It is our hope that this young man will be able to regain his strength soon.

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Even though they have turned him down for NINE YEARS, he never stops smiling at visitors to the shelter…

Even though they have turned him down for NINE YEARS, he never stops smiling at visitors to the shelter…

Animals are no different from humans in having a fundamental need to be loved. Tragically, some individuals fail to see this need and neglect or, worse yet, abuse their dogs…

According to the legend, when Max was around a year old, he was rescued in Georgia and transferred to a shelter in New Jersey…

The staff recognized that she had had a difficult upbringing as soon as she entered the shelter. Max had clearly been mistreated as pellets were discovered lodged in his hind legs.

The entire team wanted Max to find a home that would love him unconditionally and adopt him as quickly as possible.

But that didn’t happen, and after nine years in the shelter, the dog is still looking for a home. The rescue’s staff thinks Max’s enormous size has put people off from adopting a cat from the shelter.

Paul Barish, a volunteer with Eleventh Hour Rescue, stated, “Max is a joyful youngster who is beaming from ear to ear.”

Don’t let his bulk deceive you; despite first impressions to the contrary, Max is actually fairly mellow and empathetic. Max has always been a big dog, and his breed is commonly misinterpreted as being frigid and heartless. Around the shelter, he is known as Max the Mush.

Max weighs 90 pounds, but he frequently behaves like a playful puppy that is eager to please.

His charisma was thought to help him find a forever home by the staff at the shelter, but he was frequently passed over.

Max has been in the shelter for most part of his life, and it is beginning to negatively affect him. He only desires to be liked and have a permanent residence.

Max has handled life in the shelter exceptionally well, but spending so much time there over the years has taken a toll on him and is quite stressful for him, Paul continued.

Max is a wonderful dog who appreciates the value of love and would be a benefit to any family. The personnel have come to the consensus that Max would be happier living somewhere else than in the shelter.

According to Paul, Max would thrive in a calm, child-free household with a knowledgeable owner who could assist him in overcoming the terrible events he had at the shelter.

The best setting for Max in the house is alone himself. Max enjoys driving, running, playing, and taking long naps. His joy in life is extraordinary, and all he wants is to be able to share it with a devoted family.

We are as hopeful as the shelter that Max will find his perfect match in a forever family. She explains her background in the hope that he will find her soon…

Stray Dog Wanders Onto Random Front Porch And Accidentally Finds A Forever Home


This is Sunny — a young poodle mix who recently made his own wildest dreams come true. As a lonely and scared stray dog, Sunny roamed the streets of Los Angeles, California, searching for someone to love him. He was almost out of hope when, one day, he came across a house that seemed extra welcoming.

With nothing to lose, the dog helped himself onto the and sat on the doormat. He didn’t know who the house belonged to, but something told him that he was safe with them.

“My parents told me that there was a lost dog sitting by their front door,” TikTok user @jylngvr (Jaylene Guevara) wrote in a “I told them to do whatever they can to keep him there so I [could] come help.”

As Guevara embarked on an hour-long drive to her parents’ house, the pair of Good Samaritans started gaining Sunny’s trust. Along with a cozy blanket, Guevara’s parents brought some food and water out to the pup in hopes that he would stay.

Luckily, their offerings kept Sunny around long enough for Guevara to get there. She wanted to take the dog to the vet to check for a microchip and to get him cleaned up, but first she needed to win him over, too. It took a while, but Sunny eventually realized that Guevara was there to help.

“At this point, it was around 9 [p.m.] and he finally warmed up to me,” Guevara wrote.

Guevara brought Sunny straight to the vet, where they determined that the pup wasn’t microchipped. That’s when Guevara decided to take Sunny home with her.

Guevara could tell that Sunny was in pain due to his severely matted , so she made a grooming appointment for him the next day. She knew that a haircut would make him feel better, but she didn’t expect his demeanor to change so drastically.

“He was so happy after his grooming,” Guevara wrote in the video. “He was rolling around on the grass.”

You can watch that moment here:

The poodle mix still had a long road to recovery ahead, but Guevara was determined to support him all the way through.

“[The] poor boy is so skinny, but he’s in good hands with us,” Guevara wrote. “We are going to get him back to looking and feeling like his best self.”

In an update video a few days later, Guevara shared that Sunny was already feeling better. He was still getting used to being around other dogs, whether at home with his new sister, Luna, or passing by on walks, but one thing was for certain: Sunny loved his new life.

“He’s doing really, really well,” Guevara shared in the “He’s very loving, sweet and cuddly. I love him a lot.”

Guevara also shared that, after searching everywhere, she couldn’t find any evidence that Sunny belonged to anyone. She figured she’d find a lost dog post that matched Sunny’s description, but none came up.

Guevara has since decided to keep Sunny for good and is continuing to shower him with all the love he deserves. The sweet pup might not be able to thank Guevara for saving him with words, but he shows her just how he is in other ways.

“You can tell how relieved he is to be with us!” Guevara wrote on TikTok. “He is the sweetest thing. He is so thankful and loving.”

Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow

Dog Has The Sweetest Reaction After Accidentally Ripping His Favorite Pillow

Draco the pit bull did not have an easy start to life, but one thing has brought the dog comfort through good times and bad: a heart-shaped pillow with arms.

Anywhere the young pit bull goes, the funny-looking pillow is not far behind. “If anyone else picks up his pillow he will dart over and grab it,” Allie O’Cain, Draco’s mom, told The Dodo. “He sucks it every single day to fall asleep.”

Recently, however, it looked as if the  was destined for the trash bin — something Draco absolutely could not allow.

Draco has treated his pillow with care ever since O’Cain rescued the orphaned puppy from a backyard breeder at just 2 weeks old.

“Draco is a crazy chewer and we have become a ‘rubber toy only’ house because anything with stuffing he will destroy in less than five minutes,” O’Cain said. “But he has been so gentle and.

But when Draco’s friend, a black Lab named Willow, wanted to share the pillow, he got a little too overprotective. He rushed over to take back and, in the process, the pillow ripped. As stuffing began to bleed out, it seemed as if the worst had come to pass.

Luckily, Draco’s grandmother saw what was happening and leaped into action.

“We think [the pillow] was so worn out it just easily ripped,” O’Cain said. “My mom freaked out and grabbed it and yelled, ‘I’ll fix it, Draco!’”

Draco’s grandmother took the pillow to her sewing machine and began the “surgery.” But Draco couldn’t just stand idly by while his true love was being operated on.

“The whole entire time Draco’s head and paws were peeked over,” O’Cain said. “He was whining and trying to reach it with his mouth.”

“He acted as if his wife was in surgery,” O’Cain wrote on

As soon as the pillow was mended, Draco rushed to cuddle his favorite toy, clearly relieved that it was whole once again.

O’Cain and her mom will continue to repair the pillow until Draco outgrows his childhood plaything — if that day ever does come. But knowing Draco, that seems doubtful.

“Bullies are the exact opposite of what people think,” O’Cain said. “They stay babies forever!”

Piglet the Pink Puppy Can’t See or Hear, But He Inspires Kids Every Day

Piglet the Pink Puppy Can’t See or Hear, But He Inspires Kids Every Day

Unfortunately, some breeders fail to consider the potential health issues that may arise when breeding dogs. Piglet is a Chihuahua-Dachshund cross, and both of his parents are dappled. When two dogs of this color mate, the puppies have a 25% chance of being a “double dapple,” which is often associated with the puppy being partially or completely blind and deaf. Piglet was one of those puppies and is completely blind and deaf, but that doesn’t stop him.

Piglet got his name from his light pink coloring as a puppy. He is a beautiful and adorable dog, but due to his specific needs, he required a family that was willing to provide him with additional care and affection.

Piglet was discovered with 37 other puppies in a hoarding situation in Georgia. He was then transferred to Connecticut, where he met veterinarian Melissa Shapiro. Shapiro intended to foster Piglet at first, but she quickly fell in love with him. After only two months of fostering him, she realized he belonged with her.

Shapiro already had six dogs, so she was overjoyed to add another. Piglet requires a lot of her time and effort, but he is well worth it.

At first, caring for Piglet felt like a full-time job. He was devoted to Shapiro and screamed whenever he was anxious, which was the majority of the time. If Shapiro left the home, he would have extreme separation anxiety, so she couldn’t even leave him alone for the first month.

After a few months in his forever home, Piglet settled into a routine and felt more at peace in his new surroundings. He likes to play with his brothers, go on walks, and travel for business with Shapiro. He refused to let his odd needs keep him from having a happy dog’s life.

When a third-grade teacher in Plainville, Massachusetts, learned about Piglet’s story, she knew she had to tell her kids. She talked about Piglet’s positive attitude and how it helped him overcome obstacles. He also urges kids to embrace and celebrate differences.

The kids use Piglet to help them with their development mindset, thus they try to keep a “Piglet frame of mind,” and when faced with a difficulty, they ask themselves, “What would Piglet do?” The youngsters send hand-drawn cards to Piglet on a regular basis, which both Shapiro and Piglet enjoy.

Piglet and his family also raise money for special needs rescue dogs. They sell Piglet merchandise such as t-shirts, stickers, magnets, and bags. They have already raised more than $30,000!

Piglet’s website also contains a library of instructive PDFs for use in the classroom. Piglet is an inspiration to both humans and dogs, and he works diligently to encourage adoption and provide joy to people all across the world.

Dog Who’s Been In Shelter 1,250 Days ‘Howls With Joy’ When He Finally Gets Adopted


A sweet pittie named Bowie spent the first part of his life at Gateway Pet Guardians shelter in St. Louis. He was adopted out when he was a puppy, but then he was returned a few months later.

The months went by and the pup sat there, waiting for someone else to give him a chance.

The shelter staff loved the pup and gave him plenty of treats and attention. But still, they knew what Bowie really need was a forever home

Eventually, the shelter sent him home with a foster so he could at least re-learn to live as a pet.

Still, there were no offers to adopt him after two-and-a-half years.

There’s no reason not to want Bowie – he’s a very good boy. The only catches are that he needs to be the only pet in the home and he’s afraid of children.

Other than that, he’s just one of those dogs that tend to get overlooked.

A sweet pittie named Bowie spent the first part of his life at Gateway Pet Guardians shelter in St. Louis. He was adopted out when he was a puppy, but then he was returned a few months later.

The months went by and the pup sat there, waiting for someone else to give him a chance.

The shelter staff loved the pup and gave him plenty of treats and attention. But still, they knew what Bowie really need was a forever home

Finally, the shelter decided Bowie needed his own PR campaign.

“We need help from the public to help find this guy a home,” Fleming told KMOV. “Whoever adopts Bowie is going to inherit a bunch of new friends because he has quite the fan club rooting for him.

Once Bowie’s story tugged at the heartstrings of the shelter’s social media followers, he was swimming in applications!

The shelter had to sort through 40 offers to adopt Bowie to find him the perfect home.

A few weeks ago, the shelter asked a woman named Briana to come in and meet Bowie with the hopes that they would be a good match. The social worker doesn’t have children or pets and her roommate is a dog trainer

“We thought it was a perfect fit for a sensitive guy like Bowie that sometimes just needs a little extra time to warm up to strangers,” the rescue told 5 On Your Side.

Bowie went to his new home at the end of August and it’s as if he knew he was finally getting his family

Check out the video of Bowie howling with joy below!

After 5 Years Of Trying Veteran Is Finally Reunited With The War Dog That Saved His Life


It took five years but this veteran never gave up on being reunited with his military dog and finally brought him home.

Ryan Henderson always planned to adopt the dog that saved his life when they served together overseas. But for some reason, the military gave the dog to another family making it difficult for the soldier to bring him home, despite the Law of First Refusal.

The dog named Satan was a tactical explosives detection dog. He served alongside Ryan and had saved his life more than once. The two were separated after Ryan suffered a seizure and was flown to Germany for medical care.

After Ryan recovered, he retired and began the process of adopting Satan. The problem was, the Army had already given Satan away, along with over a thousand other dogs. None of the handlers of those dogs were ever given their right to adopt the dogs they were so closely bonded with, violating the Right of First Refusal law.

Not one to give up, Ryan tracked down the family that adopted Satan, the Richardson’s. However, by this time, the Richardson’s had grown to love Satan and didn’t want to give him up. They were now bonded to the dog, he was part of their family.

Since the Army didn’t follow the law when they placed Satan with Richardson’s, Ryan began to pursue his legal options to get custody of the dog. He met with an attorney named Marilyn Forbes who began to help him. She filed a lawsuit due to the rights violation, against the Richardson’s.

At first, the Richardson’s held fast to their desire to keep Satan but after a publicized interview of Ryan’s, they had a change of heart. Mr. Richardson called Ryan and told him he was returning Satan to him.

After driving all night, Ryan and his dad picked up Satan and began the long journey back home. It was a surreal drive with Satan in the backseat but finally, they made it home where they picked up their friendship as if no time had passed.

Ryan is grateful for the Richardson’s change of heart and is thrilled to have his dog back. Despite that he got Satan home, Ryan continues to help other soldiers who are fighting to get their dogs back.

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After they promoted him on social media for adoption, people started making fun of his appearance, and creating memes based on his look


In general, numerous of the saved tykes that are born with a health problem that affects their physiognomy aren’t generally the first option to take home, since some people believe the appearance is more important than the passions of the beast.

A sad illustration of this we’ve Chupete, a sweet puppy dog of roughly a month and a half old that nothing wants to borrow because of the size of his head.

Chupete was born with a rare complaint called hydrocephalus, which causes his head to have that size, so moment he’s looking for a home and a loving family to help him with his medical studies, in addition to his treatments. still, after the Frias Nose Foundation revealed his story, several Internet druggies began making fun of his condition, ultimately creating memes grounded on his appearance.

” I suppose there’s nothing further beautiful in this world than a puppy dog, and indeed more so if this is a phenomenon of survival,” said Claudia Patricia Martinez, one of those in charge of the civil deliverance reality, through a videotape published on Facebook.” Chupette did not have to be born; in fact, the warhorse told us that he failed because part of his brain mass was outside his head,” she admitted.

In addition to hydrocephalus, the puppy dog has a slight divagation in his eyes that makes himcross-eyed.” He is partial squinting like that, but it gives him that touch of tenderheartedness,” Claudia says, who has devoted herself to promoting him on social media in order to find him a home, because he urgently needs the warmth of a loving family, as well as the necessary treatments to get out of that health problem.

” Please, if you’re in a position to borrow, suppose of Chupete, he’s a good puppy dog,” Claudia said in the videotape.” Without a mistrustfulness, the family that decides to borrow him will take away that little gift that God gives to saviors ,” she added. For the time being, the small canine is housed at the Narices Frias Foundation’s Gamaliel Shelter, but he’s looking for a new home.

Still, after a many days of promoting him on social media, Claudia discovered that several Facebook meme runners had posted the puppy dog to make fun of him rather than contribute to his relinquishment.

” To everyone who sees these memes, please help me clarify that he’s over for relinquishment, that he needs a home and that he’s in the#RefugioGamaliel de Narices Frias,” she wrote.

” It does not bother me in the least that ordinary people dismiss his delicate clinical condition and make fun of the size of his small head; what I would like is for everyone to know that he’s looking for a home where he can begin the treatment he needs.”” It’ll save your life,” she added.

Likewise, he blazoned that Chupete is looking for generous godparents to help him with the pussycats of a tomography and someX-ray studies

Maggie Is Now Just Making A Progress And Has Become A Therapy Dog!


She who was [sh.ot] 17 times, her ear was [c.u.t], bli.nd and also pregnant is now just making a progress and has become a therapy dog.

Sad she was treated that way glad she is treated with love.

The dog was five years old in Lebanon.. Unfortunately, her ears were [c.u.t], her eyes [pok.ed] out and had a [sma.shed] jaw. When they discovered the puppy, she was expecting a baby and [fast.ened] to a carton all alone.
Luckily, the story does not finish here.

Wild at Heart Foundation learnt of the po.or dog and brought her to a home in Brighton by a person who adores animals. The name of that person is Kasey.
Nowadays the puppy is used as a dog for therapy.

Maggie is a simple dog as other dogs she acts normally although the dig has matters connected with health.

The owner of the dog said that the dog is talented and genius. She is very lively and playful. She always leads her owner.

Maggie just spreads love and care and luckily now she is happy and has a perfect life.

An amazing pup with incomparable incredible courage, strength and will to live…such an inspiration to us all!!! Such resilience showing everyone that she will NEVER quit…ever…till the good lord is ready to take her!

Thank you for saving her and knowing she’ll be cared for.

May she live a loved and happy life. God had a another plan for this girl and looks like she is on her path to fulfilling it!! 💗💗💗🐾🐾

So happy that she was saved and is being loved 🙏💖

God bless her…🙏🙏🙏💋

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He was found alone in the woods, fighting for survival with a scarred face!


Rufus, a brave survivor of a vicious attack, was found alone in the woods with thousands of scars on his face. He fought for his life and found safety among the trees, but when rescuers finally found him, they were horrified by what they saw. Maggots were crawling out of his wounds, eyes, ears and mouth, and he was infested with an estimated 100,000 of them.

Thankfully, Rufus was rescued in time, and underwent surgery to treat his wounds and remove most of the maggots. Just two days after his rescue, on May 17th, Rufus was already standing and walking on his own. And just 16 days later, he had undergone his heartworm treatment and was ready to find a new home.

Despite the scars that he will carry with him for the rest of his life, Rufus is a sweet and loving dog that everyone falls in love with. He is a fast learner and loves to play, and after six months of rehabilitation, he looks amazing and is finally feeling like a regular dog.

Stories like Rufus’s are a reminder that there are still innocent animals out there that are suffering from cruelty and neglect. It’s important to remember that there is always hope and that we can all do our part to help make a difference. Rufus’s story is also a testament to the resilience of animals and the power of love and care.

If you want to help animals like Rufus, consider volunteering at your local animal shelter, making a donation to an animal rescue organization, or simply being kind and compassionate towards animals in your community. Let’s all do our part to make the world a better place for our furry friends!