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The unbelievable torture experienced by an abandoned puppy


Abandoned pets are one of the most heartbreaking sights that one can ever witness. The emotional and physical trauma that these innocent creatures endure is beyond measure. The story of this abandoned puppy is no different. The puppy was left alone on the side of the road with no food, water, or shelter. The little creature was so small and helpless that it couldn’t even fend for itself.

The puppy had to endure days of hunger, thirst, and exhaustion before it was finally rescued. When the rescuers found the puppy, it was covered in dirt and fleas, and its body was so weak that it could barely stand. The puppy had no strength left in its tiny body, and it was clear that it had been suffering for days.

The rescuers immediately took the puppy to a veterinary hospital, where it received much-needed medical attention. The puppy was severely dehydrated, malnourished, and had several open wounds. The veterinarians worked tirelessly to nurse the puppy back to health, and after several weeks of care, the puppy made a remarkable recovery.

The puppy’s story is a reminder of the cruel reality of pet abandonment. Pets are not disposable objects, and they deserve love and care just like any other living being. Abandoning a pet is not only illegal but also inhumane. It’s important for everyone to understand the responsibility that comes with pet ownership and to provide a safe and loving environment for their pets.

The tearful reunion after 4 months of separation, the owner hugged it and sobbed


Four months ago, Lewis Jimenez had to do something very hard. He had to take his pit bull, Titus, back to the shelter where he’d originally adopted him. But unlike many people who surrender their pets and never return for them, Jimenez came back for Titus as soon as he could — and he’s determined never to part with him again.

In 2013, Jimenez adopted Titus when he was 2 years old at the Austin Animal Center, the only municipal animal shelter in Austin, Texas. He hadn’t planned on getting a pit bull, but when he saw shelter volunteers walking Titus out in the yard, he fell for him.

For the next five years, Lewis and Titus were inseparable, and Lewis couldn’t imagine his life without Titus. “He’s like my big old kid,” Jimenez said. “He’s part of me.”

But last year, something happened to drive them apart. Lewis was told he couldn’t keep Titus.

“The management company told him that he had to get rid of Titus, or he was going to be evicted,”Jennifer Olohan, communications and media manager at Austin Animal Center, told The Dodo.

Jimenez didn’t have another place to move to, and he didn’t know anyone who would look after Titus while he found another place — so he had no choice but to take him back to the shelter.

At first, the shelter staff weren’t sure if Jimenez would come back for Titus. “From our point of view, we’re not able to hold dogs, because we hear owners say this all the time — that they’re going to come back, but then they don’t,” Olohan said.

At the same time, the shelter staff saw how difficult it was for Jimenez to give up Titus, even if Jimenez said it would be temporary.

And Titus had a really hard time adjusting to the shelter. In fact, he was downright miserable, according to Olohan.

“The shelter is a really, really stressful place for dogs,” Olohan said. “Some dogs handle it better than others, but Titus wasn’t one of them. He was really stressed out. When you got him out of his kennel, he was great — super playful and really sweet. But in his kennel he was sullen and really sad.”

Jimenez and his family visited Titus as often as they could, but it was always emotional for everyone involved.

“He would get overwhelmed and he would be very sad,” Jimenez said. “The volunteers would make notes like, ‘Titus is not himself.’ It just made me even more determined to do what I had to do to get him out.”

The hardest part was the end of each visit. “The staff would see them in tears as they were leaving,” Olohan said. “So the whole situation was just heartbreaking.”

Finally that day came — Jimenez and his family were able to move to a place where they could keep Titus. According to Jimenez, it all worked out for the better — at the new place, Titus had a yard to run around in.

“Everyone was really, really emotional,” Olohan said. “Titus was thrilled and so was Lewis. We had some staff and volunteers there, and everyone was crying. Some people knew about their story already, and knew that Lewis was kind of waiting in the wings for Titus.”

A photographer documented their reunion, and the photos went viral after the Austin Animal Center shared them on its Facebook page. Jimenez is shown to be embracing Titus, as Titus’ face glows with a big doggy smile.

“I was overwhelmed,” Jimenez said. “A lot of things were going through my head.”

Jimenez expressed his gratefulness to the shelter staff and volunteers who spent time with Titus throughout his stay at the shelter, making sure he got lots of love and attention. “They could be doing a lot of things, but by them doing that, they comfort the dogs,” Jimenez said.

And Titus immediately settled back into his life with Jimenez and his family.

“He said that Titus is lounging on the couch, even though he’s not supposed to, but they’re giving him a break since he’s had a rough go at the shelter,” Olohan said. “But they said he’s doing great. They’re beyond happy to have him back.”

“He loves Titus,” Olohan added. “We can see now that not coming back from Titus was never an option — he was doing everything he could to make sure that he got Titus back.”

Heartbreaking police dog rose to his feet and sobbed for his fallen friend


The bσnd that fσrms between a man and a dσg has inexρlicable mσments. This was the case with “Jerjes,” a dσg that bid an emσtiσnal farewell tσ his friend Jσrge Baeza, a member σf Santiagσ’s Carabinerσs Canine Training Unit, writes embσunce

Baeza and “Jerjes” have been ρals since the dσg jσined the unit in 2013. They were inseρarable frσm that ρσint fσrward. As a result, his cσlleagues in the caρital did nσt hesitate tσ transρσrt him tσ Cσnceρción fσr his funeral. Nσbσdy exρected the animal’s emσtiσnal reactiσn.

“I thinƙ it’s imρσrtant tσ share this ρhσtσ since tσday we said gσσdbye tσ the remains σf a cσlleague, a canine teacher, and his cσlleagues frσm Santiagσ brσught his trusty friend tσ say gσσdbye tσ him,” Eduardσ Ortega, whσ attended the funeral and ρσsted the images, wrσte σn Facebσσƙ.

“Please have a lσσƙ at yσur lσyal friend when he was at the graveyard. This ρhσtσ imρacted me deeρly, and I thinƙ it is imρσrtant tσ share it. “Rest in ρeace, dear fellσw dσg breeder,” he said at the end.

Giant Husky Supervises Bath Time! He’s So Protective!!

Giant Husky Supervises Bath Time! He's So Protective!!

He’s so protective over her! Scared of the bath any other time but when she’s in the bath he has to watch over her and won’t leave the bathroom….go figure..

Funny And Cute Husky Videos


From huskies screaming at the top of their lungs, husky puppies sleeping together in a row, to huskies trying to wake up their owner, these are just a few of funny huskies you’ll find in this incredible huskies video compilation.

Husky wakes her little human up in the sweetest way


Dogs and children can have wonderful relationships, especially when they are raised together and well socialised. This is certainly the case for Milper and her little human!

Need proof of that? Watch this video.

The best nanny

Sometimes, Parker is a bit moody when he has to wake up early in the morning. This is why his dad always brings backup – AKA – Milper, the Siberian Husky.

When she’s around, Parker can’t help but smile – starting the day strong.

The gentlest ‘good morning’

In this adorable video, Milper, or ‘Millie’, walks ahead of dad to say hello to her sleeping baby human. When she is close enough, she licks him gently on the nose, making sure not to startle him.

Parker immediately starts to stroke her, and even sits up to give her a big hug. All the while, Millie remains still and tranquil. Thanks to her encouragement, Parker is able to get up in no time, and even have a good laugh with his dad.

Lost For 3-Yrs, He Howls With Joy When He Sees His Dad Standing In Front Of Him

Lost For 3-Yrs, He Howls With Joy When He Sees His Dad Standing In Front Of Him

Mike’s dog Jack went missing three years, ago but he never lost hope that he’d one day see his furry best friend again.

He spent every moment he could, searching for him and putting up flyers. Although he remained hopeful, the time spent without Jack was depressing.

“Ever since I lost him, I haven’t been the same really,” Mike said. “We did everything together, like I’d even bring him to work half the time, and any time I’d go fishing, he was there. We just did everything together. He was there no matter what I was doing.”

Then one day, Jack received a phone call from an animal hospital that was eight hours away. The person on the phone asked Mike if his name was Mike and if he had a dog named Jack.

Before Mike got too excited, he wanted the hospital to check for distinct characteristics to make sure it was really Jack.

Mike explained to them that he had a dog named Jack who he lost several years ago. The person then said that they had Jack there at their hospital.

He told them that Jack had a little bit of brown in one eye and one nail on one of his front paws was completely black. The hospital then confirmed both of these, and Mike knew that this was Jack!

Jack was found on the side of the road, nearly 500 miles away. Thankfully, he was healthy and was now waiting at the hospital to be reunited with his human.

Mike immediately got on the road and drove straight to the hospital to see his furbaby again.

As soon as Jack saw Mike, he ran toward him with his tail wagging. It was very obvious that Jack knew right away that it was Mike, despite it being three years since they last saw each other.

As Mike held Jack, Jack whined and howled with joy. He then rolled onto his back for some belly rubs.

Watch their emotional reunion in the video below:

The Cutest Husky Puppies! My Dogs are Fleeing From Puppies


The cutest husky puppies have come to meet our adult dogs. Adult huskies run away and hide from funny puppies. Little puppies are funny crawling all over the room. While the funny Huskies are hiding, the puppies are playing with each other. And of course kind shots of cute sleeping puppies. It’s such a touching sight. Fluffy babies are so touching and cause so much love in the heart!

Starving 5-month-old Puppy Was Found Outside In The Heat, With Mouth Taped Shut

Starving 5-month-old Puppy Was Found Outside In The Heat, With Mouth Taped Shut

An adorable puppy was discovered suffering from heat exhaustion in San Antonio, Texas, a few days ago. According to San Antonio Pets Alive, the five-month-old pup, dubbed Bonnie, was the victim of abuse.

Adding: “When she was around five months old and weighed only SIX pounds, a monster abandoned her. She couldn’t drink, eat, pant, bathe herself, or breathe properly in that dreadful position. Under her hair, skin and bones can be detected.”

Bonnie’s condition was updated on Facebook by the shelter on Monday, with the shelter writing:

“We’re still deliberating on the best way to care for her. Her vital signs are OK, but she can’t stand. She’s learning new things and receiving plenty of hugs. Her plush dinosaur is her favorite toy.”

Bonnie is not available for adoption at this time. According to the organization:

“We have no doubt that she will be paired with a loving family once she regains her health and becomes eligible for adoption. She still has a long way to go before she is ready to be with her permanent family.”

The charity invites anybody thinking about adopting to consider one of the other homeless pets in need:

“You should be aware that by adopting or fostering, you are saving two lives: your new baby’s and kennel space for us to save others. We badly need additional space to save more critical and valuable lives. They have nowhere to go until there is additional space.”

Firеfightеrs pullеd еight cubs оut оf thе drаin, thinking thеy wеrе puppiеs, but аftеr thе еxаminаtiоn it turnеd оut sоmеthing еlsе


Sоmе timе аgо а wоndеrful еvеnt tооk plаcе, thаnks tо which 8 pups wеrе sаvеd.

This is hоw it аll hаppеnеd. Onе оrdinаry dаy, firеfightеrs, lеd by Briаn Vаghn, rеcеivеd а cаll sаying thеy wеrе еight cubs in thе ditch аnd nееdеd immеdiаtе hеlp.

Thеy аssumеd thеsе littlе crеаturеs wеrе lеft by thеir indiffеrеnt аnd hеаrtlеss оwnеrs in thе drаin.

Sо immеdiаtеly аftеr thе cаll, thе firеfightеrs аrrivеd. Aftеr аbоut 20 minutеs, thе cubs wеrе cаrеfully tаkеn оut оnе by оnе.

Fоrtunаtеly, nо оnе wаs injurеd аnd еvеryоnе is hеаlthy. Thе rеscuеrs wеrе оnly wоrriеd аbоut thе fаct thаt thеy did nоt lооk likе puppiеs аt аll.

Nеvеrthеlеss, thе rеscuеd “cubs” wеrе tаkеn tо аn аnimаl rеscuе оrgаnizаtiоn tо rеcеivе thе nеcеssаry cаrе аnd аssistаncе.

Aftеr еxаminаtiоn by thе vеtеrinаriаn, it turnеd оut thаt thеy wеrе nеwbоrn fоxеs.

Thаt surprisеd thеm а lоt. Hоwеvеr, thе hеаd оf thе shеltеr sаys thаt fоxеs hаvе bеcоmе vеry cоmmоn in thеir аrеа.

And fоr thе prоductiоn оf gеnеrаtiоns, thеy оftеn chооsе lеss suitаblе cоvеrs, fоr еxаmplе, sеwеr mаnhоlеs.

Aftеr discussing, thе еxpеrts dеcidеd tо rеturn thеm аnd wаit fоr thе mоthеr tо rеturn. If s hе dоеs nоt shоw up, thеy will bе sеnt tо а wildlifе rеhаbilitаtiоn cеntrе.

And аlsо hеrе yоu cаn sее thе vidео оf thеir rеscuе prоcеss by firеfightеrs ․

Shаrе this with yоur fаmily аnd friеnds.